Doseonsa Temple

163 Ui-dong Gangbuk-gu
Seoul South Korea

Nearest Train: Blue Bus : 101, 130, 144, 151, 170

Hours: Mo to Su from 06:00 AM to 07:00 PM

This peaceful place is named after Master Doseon, who built the temple in 682. Doseon was a learned monk with a deep knowledge of astronomy, geography, and geometry. He strongly believed Buddhism would flourish at this auspicious location at the foot of Mount Samgaksan. The largest Buddhist center in Korea, presently on the temple grounds, is indeed flourishing. An impressive 20-foot tall stone Buddha is located behind the main temple. Legend has it that Doseon cut a huge boulder in two and carved the figure using mystical powers. Some people report that they have been cured of ailments after praying here.

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