The 63 Building

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With 63 floors measuring a height of 264m, the 63 Building is Korea’s tallest and most recognized building. The 63 Building boasts spectacular views of the Hangang River and the surrounding mountains of Bugaksan Namsan and Gwanaksan.  If you ask a Korean what you should visit during your stay here it will be on the top three places to see. It looks normal on the outside as if it was just another office building. However, what’s inside brings many tourists from all over. The three floors below the main level house the most activities of a wax museum, aquarium, and I-MAX theater. On the top of the building houses a sky art collection which is claimed to be the highest art gallery in the world. We thought we would spend just an hour in this building, and wound up staying for over four hours. It’s a great way to spend part of your day, and be able to dine in one of the fusion, Korean, or fast food restaurants.

Inside the 63 Building the tourist attractions include Sea World/Aquarium, Sky Art which is the top floor with glass all around to overlook the city, Art Hall, which is where the IMAX theater is, and a Wax Museum. Tickets are pretty expensive considering going to one of the Korean palaces only costs about W1,000. Sea World costs W15,000, Sky Art is at W12,000, IMAX is W12,000 and the Wax Museum is W14,000. If you want to hit all four it’s W38,000 or they have a Big 3 ticket which is W32,000 for any three of those mentioned. Oh, and if you wanted to go multiple times in one year you have the option of purchasing an Annual Pass for W70,000. I would have to say it wasn’t worth the price. On that note, one positive thing is that the do offer a free shuttle to the 63 building, which is not located directly near any subway stops. You can get one of these shuttles from Daebang Station out exit 6, Yeoinaru Station out exit 1, or Yeoido Station out exit 5.

You can go up to the observatory desk and have a great view over Hanriver and Seoul Tower.
The view

The Aquarium at the 63 building.

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